CDL Endorsements Explained

CDL EndorsementsCDL Endorsements are additional tests that allow CMV (commercial motor vehicle) drivers to operate special types of vehicles.

CDL Endorsements include:

  • H – Hazardous Material Endorsement
  • N – Tank Vehicle Endorsement
  • X – Tanker/Hazardous Material Endorsement
  • T – Double/Triple Endorsement
  • P – Passenger Endorsement
  • P1 – Class C
  • P1 – Class B
  • S – School Bus Endorsement

Here’s an overview of what each of the endorsements mentioned above means:

H – Hazardous Material Endorsement
This endorsement is required if you intend to transport materials in quantities required to be placarded under DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations. Each time you renew your CDL, you’ll be required to pass the written hazardous material endorsement test again.

N – Tank Vehicle Endorsement
This endorsement is required if you intend to transport over 1000 gallons of liquid.

X – Tanker/Hazardous Material Endorsement
This is a combination of the H and N endorsements. You’ll need the X endorsement if you intend to transport hazardous material in large quantities (1000 gallons or more).

T – Double/Triple Endorsement
This is the endorsement required to tow multiple trailer haulers.

P – Passenger Endorsement
If you intend to operate a vehicle designed to carry 16 or more passengers (including the driver), you’ll require the CDL Passenger endorsement. A skills test and a written test are required in order to obtain this endorsement.

The passenger endorsement is a two character indicator on the CDL (P1 Class C, P2 Class B). The passenger classes may vary from state to state so we recommend inquiring at your local authority.

S – School Bus Endorsement
The school bus endorsement is required in order to transport any pre-primary, primary, or secondary students between home and school, school and home, or school sponsored events.

To obtain this endorsement you’ll need to perform a written test and a skills test in a vehicle similar to that which you expect to be operating.


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