CDL Job Opportunities

CDL Job OpportunitiesA commercial drivers license is a great way to open up a huge world of job opportunities all over the USA and according to the United States Bureau of Labor, current demand for people with up to date Commercial Drivers Licenses is high and expected to grow.

Depending on the Class of CDL you have and the Endorsements you’ve added, you’ll be able to drive a wide range of vehicles both intrastate and interstate. The options are pretty broad when it comes to getting a driving job. Many companies offer jobs for company drivers, owner operators and recent CDL graduates.

CDL Job Considerations

When comparing different CDL job opportunities, take into account more than just the salary. Find out about the routes you’ll be driving, mileage expectations, vacation plans, 401k plans, lay over pay, payment frequency (weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc). Benefits such as health, dental and vision plans should also be considered.

Also consider things such as the vehicle you’ll be driving and pay close attention to your duties and expectations. Will you need to touch the merchandise you’re transporting or is it largely “hands-off”.

CDL CertificateTips For Getting The Best CDL Jobs

While there are a huge number of CDL jobs offered daily, there are also a large number of candidates. It’s not hard to get an edge over other people applying for the same jobs however.

For starters, consider obtaining all available CDL Endorsements. By obtaining the numerous endorsements available, you’ll not only demonstrate your driving skills and knowledge, but you’ll also show your potential employer that you won’t settle for the “easy street”.

Another way to give yourself a better chance of being selected by a high paying trucking/transportation company is to get as much experience in the most diverse range of driving roles possible. Showing your driving ability (through work experience) through driving a range of different vehicles will definitely be looked upon favorably.

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  1. david swanson says:

    I’m thinking maybe about driving a car hauler. Seems like you get to come home more often and I hear the pay is pretty good. What do you think?

    • Aidan says:

      The pay can be above average for a driver, but the downside to car hauling is that one ding on a windshield of one those brand new cars can set you back several hundred dollars, since you’re held liable for any damage that occurs to the vehicles while they’re being transported.

  2. Jerry Young says:

    I wish this site had been around when I was first thinking about driving! Excellent resource!

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