CDL Training in Arkansas

Arkansas CDL TrainingThe following requirements must be met before you can begin CDL training in Arkansas:

  • You must be 21 years of age. A minimum age of 18 is acceptable, provided all your commercial driving is done within the state, no hazardous materials requiring placarding are transported, and you do not intend to drive a double or triple trailer rig.
  • You must be physically capable of obtaining a valid Department of Transportation Medical Examiner’s card. This must be done prior to being given a CDL permit or taking any skills tests.
  • You must also be qualified based on your driving record. You will not be issued an Arkansas CDL license under the follow circumstances:
  1. If you have a license from any other state
  2. If you are disqualified or subject to be disqualified of your commercial
    driving privilege from Arkansas or any other state.
  3. If your license is currently suspended, canceled, denied or revoked.
  4. If you have been convicted within the the last 24 months for operating a
    commercial vehicle while impaired.

To begin CDL training in Arkansas, be prepared to show your Arkansas driver’s license. You must take and successfully pass all tests that apply to your license and any endorsement requirements.

You will need to show proof of your Social Security number, and be able to meet all the eligibility requirements as determined by Arkansas law. Before a temporary CDL Instruction Permit is issued, you will be required to pass all the appropriate knowledge tests and a vision test. When you have successfully completed those exams, you can pay the Arkansas CDL fees and schedule your CDL skills test.

If you have additional questions regarding CDL training in Arkansas, you may contact the Arkansas State Police Headquarters:

Arkansas State Police Headquarters
1 State Police Plaza Drive
Little Rock, AR 72209

Phone/TDD: 501-618-8000

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