CDL Training in Indiana

Indiana Driver TrainingThe following is a list of necessary requirements in order to begin CDL training in Indiana:

• You must have a valid Indiana drivers license.
• You must have a valid US Social Security card. Copies of your card will not be accepted.
• You must provide proof that you passed a DOT physical exam.
• You must contact the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles to get a commercial drivers license learner’s permit.
• You must take and successfully pass the required written knowledge tests.
• You must pass the skills tests in the same vehicle class that you tend to operate once you have acquired your CDL permit.

The skills tests will be given at an approved third party test site. You will be required to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in operating a commercial motor vehicle. It may be beneficial to study the CDL test booklet which you can find here:

Various written knowledge tests are required, depending on which vehicle class you intend to be tested, as well as any endorsements you may require.

If you have additional questions about CDL training in Indiana, you can contact the Indiana Department of Revenue.

Indiana Department of Revenue
Phone: (317) 615-7335.

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